Thanks to the efforts of Nick (and Dave for Vol1 and Vol2),with some help from Brian, Mike, Ruth and Judith we have now produced our own tunebooks complete with chords to be used in the Slow and Steady Sessions. There is volume 1 consisting of the music for 11 tunes, and volume 2 which consists of (mainly) English tunes commonly used in local folk music sessions. Volume 3 is even more tunes used locally in sessions, with more in D, and a few in Em, Am, A and C and F!.¬† We also have abc versions suitable for use on the abcexplorer (version 1.6) if someone requires them¬† The tunebooks and the abc files are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license which means anyone can download them and use them in whatever way they see fit. Although we’d be happy to hear about it!!

Latest News!! – We now have Vol4 – Produced by Chris Marriott, available for download below.

Chris has also produced a recording played at a Slow and Steady speed, and posted them to a playlist on YouTube:

The tunebooks can be downloaded for free through these links:

Volume 1(pdf)(abc)
Volume 2(pdf)(abc)
Volume 3(pdf)(abc)
Volume 4(pdf)(abc)

We are also have a number of printed copies which will be available at the Saturday sessions.