Who are we?

We are a group of local folk musicians who are keen to help up and coming local musicians get some experience of playing their instruments in a (semi) public environment.

We do this by running a  monthly “Slow and Steady” session in a local  community hall on a Saturday afternoon. The session is run by an experienced musician who understands the problems and needs of budding players, and makes sure that the music played is suitable for those who are learning.

We cater for most of the common folk instruments, and specifically have experienced players for Whistle, Fiddle, Melodeon (G/D), Concertina (English and Anglo), Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin.  Other instruments can be accommodated as long as they play in the common  folk keys (primarily G and D, perhaps A).  We have contacts all over the North West, and could certainly find friendly help for most other instruments.